To change your body you need to put it through a degree of stress (usually experienced as pain or discomfort). Stress is the catalyst for adaptation and nothing stresses and pushes your body like boxing. When you accept pain as your friend and seize the courage and mental discipline to immerse yourself you are greatly rewarded. Provided this is done in a technically safe manner and relevant recovery is undertaken the strength and cardiovascular workout you get from boxing leaves your body stressed to ‘change’ but elated from the endorphins. You can’t beat it!

Drawn to boxing, intrigued by the high level of self-discipline, respect, and hard work involved, Ruan's first amateur fight was in 2002 at 15 years old, and over the following 6 years won titles and was ranked in the top 4 for his weight class in New Zealand.

A severe back injury had Ruan hang up his gloves in 2006, and launch FITE Training - a boxing training school catering to all individuals and allowing him to stay involved in the sport he loves.

With a boxing career spanning over 14 years, a thriving, successful personal training business, which attracts star athletes, personalities and professionals alike, and a flurry of qualifications, we sit down with Ruan to find out more about his passion for boxing.

What is your background and why did you get into training? 

I’ve always loved any kind of sport. Growing up, I excelled in Rugby and Tennis before being introduced to boxing. Knowledge is power and I wanted to study something that would help me in what I loved doing, something that I could continue to expand my knowledge and passion for, boxing and fitness was the natural choice. Over the past 8 years my study has always, and will remain ongoing. A snapshot below;

Competitive Boxer – 26 Fights

Bachelor of Sport and Exercise Science

Crossfit Level 1 Accredited Coach

Registered Professional Boxing Trainer

Registered Personal Trainer (Cert IV)

Australian Strength & Conditioning Coach

Kettle Bell Level 1 Instructor


What is your approach to training?

I have a very relaxed style and approach to training; you get out what you put in so being positive and creating an environment where my clients are comfortable and motivated is a priority. I find this is the best way to help people get the most out of themselves and have fun, even when the tasks are tough.


What makes boxing your training method of choice?

Boxing covers all components of fitness; cardiovascular endurance, stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed, co-ordination, agility, balance, accuracy. All these components combined make for the ultimate way to get in shape.

In addition to all the fitness components it comprises all the psychological aspects of emotional control, confidence, resilience, and mental toughness that we can carry over from training to everyday life situations.

Boxing is a way of getting fit where you have to stay focused at the task at hand and its more fun than running on a treadmill.

What makes you love your job?

I love seeing people learn a new skill that they never thought they would be interested in. Boxing is a sport that anyone can enjoy, whether it is to train hard, learn a new skill, get lean, get strong, or simply smash out some stress. I enjoy seeing people improve each week and watching them get stronger and leaner as they excel. I also get to hang out with some amazing people all day long!


Who is the FIT. EAT. REPEAT. Boxing Bootcamp designed for and what are the benefits?

The FIT. EAT. REPEAT. Boxing Bootcamp is designed for anyone that wants to get in shape doing something fun and different, it will challenge anyone regardless of age, sex or fitness level. As the program is based on time it’s completely up to the individual as to how hard they push themselves.  We have chosen the best exercises to get maximum results in the shortest time possible focusing on the whole body, the program is designed to get progressively more difficult throughout.